The New Day

It has been just a second since my mind has changed. A little journey through our lives and it can quite simply be seen that our thoughts evolve around today. This is what everybody keeps telling me. Live in the now. I don’t want to. I like yesterday. Most of the time. Todays yesterday is a bit grimm but usually they are beautiful. Memories are so carefully kept in those special little places we least expect them. I found one underneath my pillow the other day, so beautifully and quiet hid a little dream that I had a long time ago…

Quite recently I realised how I was dragging my feet and dropping my shoulders while I walk. I don’t remember ever doing that, but I don’t remember not doing it either. It seemed like that would be the beginning of the end. But I decided that I still had time to turn it all around. Slowly and cautiously though because let’s face it I am me. Undisciplined, lazy me with the head in the clouds always thinking about how it would be to climb up tall stone walls or hike all the way around an ancient mountain and romantically dream of bonfires and fireflies. Somehow I had to start. Stop hiding, stop hanging my head. Stop giving reason to think this was all there was to me. Mostly I have to convince myself that I am more than I am showing now. It will get easier, they say. Writing was always one of my passions, a passion I was so afraid to pursue. Afraid to fail in. But I failed myself by not trying and now I want to start being true to myself. I will start the new day.


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